What is OneFor?


OneFor, is a Pan-European FinTech company established in Germany and operating in the EU - is offering money transfer and payment services through a digital platform.

We are focused in serving people’s payment needs, both within their residence countries and abroad. We aim to be the leaders of borderless money app, serving the ever-growing needs of modern families.


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Open your OneFor account in under 10 minutes

  • OneFor is now offering a free digital account to all those who are fleeing Ukraine and need to make financial transactions in EEA.

  • You can use your account for all your money transfer and payment needs inside EEA.

  • Your OneFor account comes with a virtual and physical debit Mastercard.

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Who can open a OneFor account?

  • Ukrainian citizens above 18 years temporarily living in the European Union.

  • Ukrainian foreign passport is accepted as proof of identity.

  • A copy of a registration letter with an indication of a temporary residence address in EU is accepted as proof of address.

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What does your account include?

  • Free of charge account opening

  • Free virtual Mastercard

  • Free physical Mastercard

  • Free incoming transfers

  • Free in-app transactions

  • Free of charge card payments

  • No maintenance fees

  • Receive financial assistance

  • Connect your family members from Ukraine



1. Download the app in your phone or sign up directly from your browser.

2. Provide your personal data needed for identity verification.

3. Once we confirm your identity, your account will be automatically opened.

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